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Simple Woodcutting Guide

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  • Simple Woodcutting Guide

    Simple Woodcutting Guide
    This is a simple guide to those who are new to this game or just are a little lost with this skill.

    Woodcutting is really simple skill, but it still a really good skill to max out in the start or in the end when you have already maxed other skills. You can learn all about this skill without this guide, but if you don't want to learn it all by yourself, here's my guide to woodcutting.

    1. Getting Started

    There's almost nothing you need to get started. You can always buy better hatchets to make chopping faster, or you can just run the whole trip to 99 with only iron and rune hatchets.

    HINT: If you want to, take your tinderbox with you to level up firemaking (which I highly recommend).

    To get to Seer's Village teleport back home and run south.

    Now, right-click Grace and talk to her.

    After you have selected the following options, you should be at Seer's Village.

    Red - Normal trees and oak trees.

    Blue - Maple trees and willow trees.

    Orange - Yew trees.

    2. Chop chop chop!
    Now to get started with cutting.

    Level 1-15: Tree 700 xp

    Level 15-30: Oak 1,064 xp

    Level 30-45: Willow 1,904 xp

    Level 45-60: Maple 2,800 xp

    Level 60-75: Yew 4,900 xp

    3. Time For Magic!

    Level 75-99: Magic 7,000 xp

    Well now that you're a master of chopping down trees, you are ready for the last tree you need to cut. Magic trees! To get to your last destination, teleport back home and speak to the Mystical Wizard.

    If you choose these options, you will then be teleported to the Woodcutting Guild. You will then need to follow this path to get to the Magic trees:

    Black: The area you will spawn in after teleporting.
    Green: Bank location.
    Purple: 8 Magic trees ready for you to chop.

    And now it's nothing more but either running back and forth hauling your logs or lighting the logs up to train firemaking.

    Easy as that and nothing really complicated. Go back to Home and buy your skillcape.

    After you have reached the place with the yellow rectangle on it, speak to the Wise Old Man:

    The value of each skillcape is 99k gp.

    Enjoy and good luck! See you on the server!

    - Monk