Draxus is Live!

Draxus is now Officially Live! | Server Released: 11th November 2018 | Players Registered In-Game: 108
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  • No Updates, No activity.

    unfortunately this server could be peaking and has so much potential to actually GROW and PEAK but due to lack of any updates, or even adding a few new bosses, Boss point shop, and Raid items have been a issue with no productivity in the past two weeks after being told its coming day after day. I completely understand how busy people can be in their real lives which always comes first. But there is not even a single sign being shown for any further NEW stuff. We had such a great start to just wash it away like nothing. I hope to see more productivity between updates and items being added. It's really sad to see something so good go to waste. Best of luck and I actually hope someone reads this and puts some work in.
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    I second this statement. I have been playing consistently since a few days after release, and there has not been any changes since I started. Usually when a server first comes out, there are multiple updates a week to grow the server, but this has really hit a brick wall. The server has so much potential, as you can see when you put the time into it. We started getting more players, but even the "loyal" ones have left. This should be a sign to find a coder or something with the donations you received, so it pays off in the long run. Thank you for your time.


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      Exactly, I'm not here to just down play anyone or say someone is doing something wrong, I'm simply posting out of appreciation and wanting to see this server grow, I've repeatedly been asked when the updates were coming from players who have now quit. I've backed up the server by telling others to be patience and wait but even the wait has died off to nothing positive.


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        hi ryuk,
        myself and our new developer nox will be taking over the server for the time being untill lxnce have the time again so please just bear with me a couple of days whilst i get the vps deatils and be expecting some nice updates